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A.J. Perez

A.J. Perez
207 Weaver Building
University Park , PA 16802

Office Hours:

  • Thursday 12-1:30 or by appointment


  1. BA, History (Magna Cum Laude), University of Houston, 2018
  2. BFA, Painting (Magna Cum Laude), University of Houston, 2018


I'm currently a second year graduate student pursuing a Dual-title PhD in History & African American Studies. Currently under the direction of Dr. Amy S. Greenburg, my primary field is 19th-century American history, with my broad research interests revolving around the Civil War, Reconstruction, Texas history, &  Civil War Commemoration. My secondary fields of study are both Latin America & Race. Currently I research African American commemoration of the Civil War as it occurred in Texas, the periphery of the former Confederacy, plus how Mexicans interacted with the memory of the same war in which they did not fight in. Texas's relationship to slavery, the Civil War, Reconstruction, Latin America, & the rest of the country at large is a peculiar matter to consider for a variety of reasons. For example, Texas's richest Civil-War-related commemorative tradition is known as Juneteenth. Juneteenth stems from June 19th, 1865, when Texas's slaves first began hearing of the Emancipation Proclamation over two years after its implementation, & when two months had already passed since the war had ceased. Slavery died a stubborn death in Texas. Contests over the memory of the Civil War, slavery, & Reconstruction continue firmly into our current day & continue to affect our political climate. 

Research Interests:

19th-cen. American history, U.S. Civil War, Reconstruction, Modern Latin America, U.S.-Mexico Borderlands