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Kate Godfrey

Kate Godfrey
108 Weaver Building
University Park , PA 16802


  1. MLA, University of South Florida - St. Petersburg, Florida Studies, 2016
  2. BA, University of North Florida, History, 2013


I am a Ph.D. candidate studying Latin American History, with a particular interest in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. My previous research, advised by Dr. Michael Francis at USFSP, examined Spain’s sixteenth-century presence in Florida. This research culminated in my master’s thesis, titled, “Elusive Truths: Baltasar del Castillo, Royal Subsidies, and the 1576 Residencia of Florida,” which examined sixteenth-century judicial processes, Spanish Florida’s early economy, and Spanish attitudes towards imperial expansion into North America. I plan to integrate similar themes into my tentative dissertation project, which will focus on European and Indigenous interactions in the Spanish New Kingdom of Granada (present-day Colombia). I have extensive paleography and archival experience.

Awards and Services:

2017     Latin American Studies Research and Travel Award, The Pennsylvania State University
2017     Mark and Lucy M. Stitzer Seed Grant, The Pennsylvania State University
2016     Graduate Scholar Award, The Pennsylvania State University
2014     The Hope and Bob Black Scholar, University of South Florida – St. Petersburg

Recent Courses:

HIST011 - World History II (TA)
HIST 150 - America in the 1960s (TA)

Dissertation Chair(s):

Matthew Restall & Martha Few

Research Interests:

Latin American History; Early Modern Global History