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Seonghek Kang

Seonghek Kang
108 Weaver Building
University Park , PA 16802


  1. BA from SUNY Binghamton, 2015
  2. Postgraduate diploma from University of Edinburgh, 2016
  3. Master's degree in history from Penn State, 2019


I am a PhD student specializing in the intellectual and political history of early modern Europe with particular focus in the political theology of the Habsburg Spanish Monarchy. Born and raised in Republic of Korea before moving to the United States for education, I am strongly interested in the comparative imperial formations, institutions, and ideologies of early modern imperialism(s) throughout the global 16th and 17th centuries. Throughout various seminar & conference participation, I have sought to explore and develop further the idea of global early modernity examining the points of interaction, connection, and parallel developments in state-formation and political theology throughout the Eurasian Old World and the Atlantic world. Apart from my primary training in the early modern Europe, I also work extensively in the fields of 20th century modern history of political repressions, resistance, and totalitarian systems, and also in the history of East Asia as well.