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Charles and Harriett Pencak Endowment

This award is given to enrich the College of the Liberal Arts by providing monies for support of graduate research and/or travel expenses related to research in the Department of History

Current Recipients:

Steven Casement

Steven is a second-year graduate-student in early modern global history with a focus on Anglo-Spanish relations during the 16th and 17th centuries, and minor fields in Environmental History and Modern European history. After completing his B.A. in History at Le Moyne College in 2018, he came to Penn State and completed his M.A. earlier this year where he focused on English History and the evolution of Anglo-Ottoman relations. Much of his research incorporates the use of diplomatic records including travel accounts, letters, personal diaries, and official written reports to examine the ways in which countries advance political agendas through diplomatic means and personal maneuvers. While much of his research has thus far been focused on the 16th century, his present interests have begun moving him more toward the complexities of the 17th-Century British Isles.

Ugyan Choedup

Ugyan was born and brought up as a Tibetan refugee in India. He is currently a 2nd-year graduate student at our History Department. Ugyan's dissertation is tentatively titled as "Genealogy of Modern Tibetan Nationalist Thought in Exile: Exploring the Questions of Colonialism, Modernity, and Exile." Before joining Penn State, he completed his M.Phil degree in China studies from the Jawaharlal Nehru University, India. In the future, Ugyan hopes to, besides of course getting a job, be able to contribute towards a new discourse of decolonial approach to Sino-Tibetan conflict.

Samantha Davis

Sami is a PhD Candidate studying History and Art History. She is an ethnohistorian of colonial Latin America. Her dissertation examines the intersections of gender, race, and colonialism in early modern Yucatan. She is the graduate student representative to the American Society for Ethnohistory's executive committee.