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E-tu Zen Sun Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award

Current Recipients:

Abdiel Perez

AJ is currently a second-year graduate student pursuing a Dual-title PhD in History & African American Studies. Currently under the direction of Dr. Amy S. Greenberg, his primary field is 19th-century American history and his secondary fields are Race and Latin American history. Succinctly, his dissertation project examines the role of Texas as both a place where American expansionism succeeded and the role of Texas a model for future expansionistic projects. Success in Texas shaped the manner in which American expansionists envisioned future expansion along the Gulf of Mexico, in the Caribbean, and even northward in Canada. Often cast as being neither fully part of the South nor the West, Texas will be central to his examination of antebellum American expansionism. Understood on its own terms, Texas's shifting and contested status will be the prism through which he will examine the shifting ethos, nature, and ideology of antebellum expansionism.