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Lawrence J. and Gretchen McCabe Graduate Endowment

Current Recipients:

Megan Hildebrand

Megan is a fourth-year graduate student and Ph.D. candidate studying nineteenth-century U.S. History. She is also in Penn State's dual-degree program with Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, and is an affiliated graduate student with the Richards Civil War Era Center. Her dissertation considers conversations over woman suffrage in late nineteenth-century women's reform clubs and organizations. The competing conservative and progressive voices in these organizations further reveal the untidy nature of women's relationship with the vote in the nineteenth century and beyond. Megan is also the editorial assistant for the Journal of the Civil War Era.

Paulina Rodriguez

Paulina is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of History and Women’s, Gender and Sexuality. She is pursuing a graduate specialization in Latinx Studies and Kinesiology. Paulina’s research interests include 20th century U.S. history, borderlands history, gender and sexuality in sport, and Latina/x sport history. Her current research project focuses on Escaramuza and the formation of community and belonging in the U.S.