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Heather Carlquist Walser

Heather Carlquist Walser

PhD Candidate

108 Weaver Building

University Park, PA 16802

Phone: (814) 865-1367


MA: University of Oklahoma, 2015
BA: University of Oklahoma, History and Political Science, summa cum laude, 2013
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I am a PhD candidate studying the intersection of United State politics, culture, and law in the 100 years following the Constitutional Convention. My project, “Amnesty’s Origins: Federal Power, Peace, and the Public Good in the Long Civil War Era,” explores the roots of the amnesty crisis which occurred at the conclusion of the American Civil War. I examine how Americans understood and used amnesty—or the pardon and oblivion of past acts granted by a government—to resolve conflict, negotiate the meaning of “public good,” and shape the development of the nation-state across the long-19th century.