Department ofHistory




If you want to:

  • Schedule, add, or drop a course
  • Late add a course, or add a course that is full
  • Get information on present and future course offerings
  • Find out about standard requirements for Weaver Building majors and minors
  • Drop minors controlled from Weaver Building
  • Apply for an Independent Study that has been approved by a faculty member
  • Receive verification that you have completed a Weaver Building minor

Then: See Lynn Carey. Lynn can be reached at  or 814-865-6224.

If you want to:

  • Declare a major in CAMS, History, Jewish Studies, or Religious Studies
  • Understand and discuss your graduation audit
  • Receive approval to graduate
  • Receive authorization for a course substitution for the major or minor
  • Transfer credits from another institution
  • Pursue multiple (double, concurrent) majors
  • Earn credits or acquire work experience through an internship program (such as History 495)
  • Earn Penn State credit/s for courses taken under a (Penn State or, any other) program of study abroad.
  • Pursue independent study (for example, History 496)
  • Explore career opportunities
  • Plan a program of study abroad
  • Discuss academic difficulty, withdrawal, or leave of absence

Then: See Ben Whitesell, Academic Advisor. His office is 220 Weaver Building and his email address is