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History Department Seminar Rotation through Spring 2023

Spring 2022

HIST 515: Early Modern Europe 

HIST 516: U.S. Women’s and Gender History 

HIST 545: United States History, 1877 to Present 

HIST 571: Latin American Ethnohistory 

HIST 585: Asian Environmental History 


Fall 2022 

HIST 500: Theory, Method and the Practice of History 

HIST 531: Religion and State-Making in the Early Modern World 

HIST 543: US History to 1877 

HIST 551: African American Freedom Struggle 

HIST 570: Modern Latin America 

HIST 586: Modern Japan  

HIST 597: History of the Modern Middle East 


Spring 2023

HIST 548: Space and Place in American History 

HIST 556: American Social and Cultural History 

HIST 572: Race and Nation in Modern Latin America 

HIST 580: Early Modern Asia 

HIST 582: Women and Gender in Modern Chinese History 

HIST 589: World History: Themes and Approaches 

HIST 597: History of Palestine and Israel