Department ofHistory

Julia Kossowska

Julia Kossowska

108 Weaver Building University Park, PA 16802


2020-2021 MA in Renaissance and Early Modern Studies, University of York
2017-2020 BA(Hons) in Classical Civilization, University of Leeds


Julia is a researcher of early modern global and transnational history. They are especially interested in the topics of travel and cultural exchanges from the 16th to the 18th century.

Their current research looks at cultural interactions between Poland and Italy in the 16th and 17th centuries, considering Polish view of Italy as the place of intersection between religion, culture, and classical past.

Julia has previously worked on legal and cultural approaches to sexuality in Renaissance Tuscany, as well as did research for their undergraduate dissertation on the topic of Roman Northern Britain under Severan rule.


Prof. Ronnie Hsia

Academic Service

2023-2024 Vice-President for History Graduate Student Association, Penn State

2023-2024 College of Liberal Arts Representative for Graduate and Professional Student Association, Penn State

2020-2021 MA Representative for Cabinet of Curiosities, University of York

Research Interests

Early modern global history, transnational history, cultural exchanges, history of sexuality, Classical Reception, early modern Sino-European relations.