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Xinyi Luo

Xinyi Luo

108 Weaver Building University Park, PA 16802

Phone: (814)865-1367


B.A. (Distinction), History, University of Toronto, 2021


Xinyi Luo is a dual-title PhD student in History and Asian Studies at Penn State. She primarily works with sources in Vietnamese, Chữ Nôm, Classical Chinese, French, and Latin to explore aspects of social and religious life in early modern and nineteenth-century Vietnam.

Her research also concerns the political and cultural exchanges between Vietnam and the global world, with a specific focus on its East and Southeast Asian neighbors. Having studied intellectual decolonization in the Atlantic World and inspired by the Vietnamese philosopher Trần Đức Thảo, Xinyi is also interested in Afro-Asian connections and Asian intellectuals’ role in shaping postcolonial literature.


Kathlene Baldanza and Ronnie Hsia

Research Interests:

Vietnam; Early modern world; Sino-Vietnamese; Afro-Asia; cultural and social history