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Dual-Title Degrees

We offer dual-title degrees that broaden the scope and marketability of a doctorate in history. Dual-title degrees are part of a university initiative to actively encourage interdisciplinary learning at the doctoral level. These degrees offer doctoral students the opportunity to receive significant training in two different departments or programs. Upon graduation the degree will carry the designation of both the student's home department and the dual-title offering.
The dual-title degree is an integrated curriculum that goes beyond a degree program with a minor (which is not noted on the student's diploma). Dual-title degrees encourage innovative scholarship that transcends traditional disciplinary boundaries. Such work can enhance the sophistication of students’ dissertations and broaden spectrum of courses our graduates are able to teach. In short, dual-title degrees enrich students’ academic experience and enhance the value of their degrees.
The Department of History is currently partnered with and offers dual-title degrees in WGSS, Asian Studies, and African American Studies. In general, students must meet all the requirements for the doctorate in History and earn an additional 15 credits in the partner program. For further information contact the partnering programs.